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Video Essay: Chow Kit: Soul of a City

Chow Kit: Soul of a City is a photo project that aim’s to look into an old and vibrant business district area in Kuala Lumpur referred to as Chow Kit that’s teaming with slices of life and it’s unique relations offerings between it’s people and the place.

A once popular area that was considered before as the city center of Kuala Lumpur, it was evident then and now that Chow Kit is a place of wealth and prospect for the people inside and around Kuala Lumpur, for Malaysians and foreigners alike.

The video presented is a limited selection of images depicting the daily happenings of the various walks of life in a span of 24 hours around the area.

We are proud to present you a 2:11 minutes video-essay “Chow Kit: Soul of a City” by Syed Omar Syed Othman.