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Vietnam Street Photography: Sapa

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by Author: Hean Kuan Ong

Sapa is the frontier town in Lào Cai Province in northwest Vietnam. This town is the living place for Hmong and Yao tribe. Sapa is a highland where you can have a feel of four season in one day. Early morning you feel like spring; and it turns to summer in the afternoon, but when it comes to evening, it is so windy just like autumn; at the end of the day, it makes you feels like winter.

The local people are mainly work at the sloping terraces for the agriculture. But for today, a lots of them choose to come out from the tribes to do business with the tourist. They had been modernize along the way, most of them wear modern shirts at home but yet wearing traditional attire when they are selling their stuff to the tourist. As tourism started to grow over there, the local people nowadays are fluent in English.

Sapa is a best town to take landscape pictures, it will definitely blow your mind when you see a whole mountain was converted into beautiful terraces. Nevertheless, my interest are still on the people on the street, and in the villages.