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Vietnam Street Photography: Hanoi

by Author: Hean Kuan Ong

The streets are messy, so many people walking around, riding through from various direction. I was so afraid to cross the road, because of the busy traffic. “Crossing the road here is easy, just close your eyes and walk across.” This is the sentiment joke always throw by the Hanoi local people. What local people actually mean is the Hanoi drivers will actually make ways for people who crossed the road, so take it easy.

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Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, it is a country’s second largest city. To me, Hanoi is a bondage city. Probably because I was staying in the Old Quarter. While walking down the street, I realized a branch of electricity wires was heavily loaded and hanging above our top.

Old Quarter’s streets were so crowded with various kind of people, travellers, hawkers, office guys and ladies, and a lots of them wearing traditional suit, especially the hawkers, which it makes me ponder, do they travel time from 70s?