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Japan Street Photography: Homage to Daido

by Author: Hean Kuan Ong

All the photographs in this album was taken in Shinjuku. That is my homage to Daido Moriyama, the greatest Japanese street photographer. My impression of Daido Moriyama’s works are black, lonely, timid but yet attractive. He walks the streets especially Shinjuku, taking random shots for many years, and still doing it. He do mentioned while he was walking the streets of Shinjuku taking random pictures, he was actually capturing the desire of humankind, as if he is capturing his desire too.

I started to think, what is so impressive about Shinjuku? What attracts him so much until he can keep shooting in Shinjuku? Therefore I decided to travel Tokyo, and stayed at Shinjuku. I want to experience the streets that been walking by him, trying to realize what he meant about the desire. In fact, the shots I took end up reflects my desire towards Shinjuku.

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Photo-Essay: Pasar Basah Bukit Mertajam

oleh Pengarang: Muhammad Fathul Izzat

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Pasar Basah Bukit Mertajam yang terletak di tengah-tengah pekan Bukit Mertajam adalah suatu kawasan pasar yang sangat luas dan besar dan di anggarkan sudah beroperasi sejak 55 tahun lepas lagi.

Secara khususnya masyarakat setempat akan membeli keperluan harian di sini. Ini kerana segala-galanya dijual di pasar ini dari sekecil-kecil keperluan sehingga sebesar-besar keperluan segala-galanya lengkap. Sekiranya ingin membeli keperluan kering terdapat sebuah gudang membeli-belah di bahagian atasnya, tetapi malangnya pada awal tahun ini gudang itu terbakar dan mengakibatkan segala aktiviti perniagaan terhenti seketika.

Pasar ini juga dianggap sebagai nadi kehidupan dan ekonomi bagi peniaga-peniaga di sini.

Shoot with:
Canon EOS 500N
Kodak Portra 160

Kuda Kepang: Satu Dokumentari Perjuangan Seni dan Budaya

Irama Perjuangan

dengungan gong,
memuja semangat jiwa,
dalam tarian perang,
yang lembut tapi berbisa,
menari lah jiwa,
tatkala irama perjuangan mulai di dendang,
kita bangkit dalam rumpun bangsa,
adalah irama dari tanah nusantara.

jatuh bangun,
bangkit dalam kesakitan,
di hina di cerca,
besabarlah jiwa,
pukulan gendang perjuangan,
makin rancak iramanya,
memuja semangat jiwa,
agar bangsa ini terus berdiri,
seteguh alif pada sifatnya.

Sajak Perjuangan Nukilan: Paradukhar Bardarakh

Lokasi: Parit Raja, Batu Pahat, Bandar Kesenian dan Kebudayaan, Johor. Malaysia.
Tarikh: 27 – 28 September 2014

Fotografer: Mahfuz Hj. Jaffar
(©2014 All Rights Reserved)

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“I was just interested in recording it, I didn’t know where and when it would be published. Documenting communities is my passion, because as time goes by, our history is disappearing.” – Mahfuz Hj. Jaffar

Vietnam Street Photography: Hanoi

by Author: Hean Kuan Ong

The streets are messy, so many people walking around, riding through from various direction. I was so afraid to cross the road, because of the busy traffic. “Crossing the road here is easy, just close your eyes and walk across.” This is the sentiment joke always throw by the Hanoi local people. What local people actually mean is the Hanoi drivers will actually make ways for people who crossed the road, so take it easy.

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Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, it is a country’s second largest city. To me, Hanoi is a bondage city. Probably because I was staying in the Old Quarter. While walking down the street, I realized a branch of electricity wires was heavily loaded and hanging above our top.

Old Quarter’s streets were so crowded with various kind of people, travellers, hawkers, office guys and ladies, and a lots of them wearing traditional suit, especially the hawkers, which it makes me ponder, do they travel time from 70s?

Vietnam Street Photography: Sapa

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by Author: Hean Kuan Ong

Sapa is the frontier town in Lào Cai Province in northwest Vietnam. This town is the living place for Hmong and Yao tribe. Sapa is a highland where you can have a feel of four season in one day. Early morning you feel like spring; and it turns to summer in the afternoon, but when it comes to evening, it is so windy just like autumn; at the end of the day, it makes you feels like winter.

The local people are mainly work at the sloping terraces for the agriculture. But for today, a lots of them choose to come out from the tribes to do business with the tourist. They had been modernize along the way, most of them wear modern shirts at home but yet wearing traditional attire when they are selling their stuff to the tourist. As tourism started to grow over there, the local people nowadays are fluent in English.

Sapa is a best town to take landscape pictures, it will definitely blow your mind when you see a whole mountain was converted into beautiful terraces. Nevertheless, my interest are still on the people on the street, and in the villages.

Photo-Essay: Speak Out Loud – Holocaust in GAZA

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by Authors: Mahfuz Jaffar

KUALA LUMPUR – Merdeka Square, 02 August 2014.

Thousands of Malaysians of various races thronged Dataran Merdeka here today to participate in “Save the Children of Gaza” peaceful-rally.

This rally was a message to the world that Malaysians totally rejected the Israel attack on Palestine.

As we know thousands of innocent Palestinians, mostly children and civilians, have been brutally killed. We want the Israeli attacks against the Palestinians stopped right now. And forever.!

Stop Genocide.!!!
Stop Apartheid.!!!
Stop Israeli Terror.!!!

Photo-Essay: London – Fast City, Fast Movers

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by Author: Dr. Muhammad Yamin Ismail

London’s commuters always feel the squeeze. People here travelled underground. Rush hour is just that with most people wanting to rush down the escalators, and most of them walk on  escalators. During peak time, the waiting time for a train underground is one to five minutes. 80 percent of the entire carriage is plugged in at all times.

This is one of my dream albums.