Photo-Essay: Pudu Market On Film

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by Authors: Khairil Faizi Abdul Majid

Pudu Market situated in the South Eastern direction from the Kuala Lumpur epi-centre is a well established and historical market. With its busy activities and large crowd it is a buzzed with people doing their daily household need shopping. A traditional buying that is still essential and much needed nowadays.

Although contemporary shopping mall is threatening it’s existence, Pudu Market still remain a strong attraction. The traditional meet and greet together with the price haggling and personal attention from the buyer and seller is a fresh experience from the service and paying counter of the “modern” mall. I still prefer this kind of traditional environment compared to the bulk buying/selling mall.

Its charm and hustle and bustle is a great appeal to me as a photographer. With the added bonus of it being close to my apartment, it soon become my favourite shooting place. Because every day presents a different experience shooting at the Pudu Market.