The Ideas


A photograph is about creating a memory, capturing a moment. The technical device you use is in the first moment not important for this. It could be your cell phone, an old film camera or a fancy DSLR. At the end it depends on you, what comes out of it and how good you captured what you saw.

The idea behind this Page (The Collection of Travelogs and Photo Essays Malaysia) is to provide basic skills in creating photo-essay, how to tell stories with pictures and also to give the knowledge about where to find information, free programs and other things you need to start creating something out of the images and put it on the internet, where the world could see them.

The digital age gives the big opportunity to see the life through the eyes of everyone and social networks are a wonderful point to start with that. Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs is giving everyone the chance to express themselves for free and telling his/her story. Why not use this platform to create more understanding of the outside world for the country like Malaysia.?

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